Happy about my first English article on Corporate Digital Responsibility. It is an opportunity to share ideas and thoughts with a larger community of entrepreneurs and managers. Many thanks to Rob Price, who provides this platform and has supported me.

The article has the title „The fusion of Digitalisation and Sustainability: Existing tools and new fields of action combine to Corporate Digital Responsibility“ and you can find it here https://corporatedigitalresponsibility.co.uk/blog/f/the-fusion-of-digitalisation-and-sustainability

The article provides five reasons why it is worthwhile for entrepreneurs and leaders to take a look at the  convergence of digitalisation and sustainability in more detail.

  • Digitalisation and sustainability are key areas of influence for the global economy.
  • Digitalisation promotes sustainability.
  • Digitalisation is itself a challenge for fair, just and environmentally friendly development.
  • Digital business has its own „undesirable side effects“ and creates risks for society and companies.
  • Corporate responsibility is evolving into Corporate Digital Responsibility.

This is the translated and slightly adapted English version of an article published on in the FAZ Magazin Verantwortung and here 2019. The German article „Digitalisierung und Nachhaltigkeit zusammen denken“ is available here https://wiseway.de/digitalisierung-und-nachhaltigkeit-zusammen-denken/.

Looking forward to comments!

Saskia Dörr

Ich bin Expertin für Digital Responsibility und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagerin mit über zwanzig Jahren Erfahrung in Managementpositionen der Informations- und Kommunikationsbranche. Als Gründerin der Unternehmensberatung WiseWay unterstütze ich meine Kunden bei der digitalen Transformation mit Verantwortung für Mensch, Gesellschaft und Umwelt.

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