The concept of corporate digital responsibility as practical management of digital ethics is spreading over the European Union, United Kingdom and more countries around the world. To establish digital as a force for good a further adoption by leaders and management in the international community is necessary. Therefore I am very grateful to contribute and to announce that my book „Corporate Digital Responsibility. Managing Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in the Digital Age“ will be published in October 2021 by Springer!

„Corporate Digital Responsibility“ can be pre-ordered at Springer Shop here. 

This book

  • Provides a systematic overview of the risks of digitalization and how companies can address them
  • Offers companies concrete assistance with the digital transformation
  • Includes best-practice examples from well-known, pioneering companies

It describes in detail how corporate responsibility is changing in the age of big data and artificial intelligence and demonstrates how corporate digital responsibility can offer companies a sustainable competitive advantage. Business leaders and managers find a comprehensive guideline to professionally implement these innovative aspects in practice. It enables them to shape their businesses‘ success in a societally responsible and ethical manner in the context of digital transformation.

As an essential guide, it invites executives, corporate responsibility officers, digital ethics experts, sustainability consultants, and anyone interested to learn about the opportunities of responsible digitalization at companies. In addition, the book offers a well-structured introduction to the still young field of corporate management and governance.

The book would have not been possible without the help of many, especially Rob Price, founder of https:/, who supported the idea and gave feedback on the translated text as expert and native speaker.

Further reading: Dörr S (2021) Corporate Digital Responsibility. Managing Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability in the Digital Age. Springer: Berlin.

Saskia Dörr

Ich bin Expertin für Digital Responsibility und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagerin mit über zwanzig Jahren Erfahrung in Managementpositionen der Informations- und Kommunikationsbranche. Als Gründerin der Unternehmensberatung WiseWay unterstütze ich meine Kunden bei der digitalen Transformation mit Verantwortung für Mensch, Gesellschaft und Umwelt.

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