The British blog „Making CDR real“ published my first podcast on „The fusion of Digitalisation and Sustainability“. Very happy about it. If you want to listen to it, just click on the button with the arrow below.

You can find it on Spotify as well. The podcast is the spoken version of the article on this topic, which can be read in full length here. In addition, an English version of my contribution to „Digital responsibility for sustainable value creation from data“ was published on the blog. Many thanks again to Rob Price who provided the opportunity and helped me with the translation from German!  It’s great in this way to reach out to a wider community

The blog „Making CDR real“ is dedicated to the exploration and advancement of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) for an English speaking and thus international management community. Rob Price startet it in 2020 and collects various contributions on the topic. You can find it here

Saskia Dörr

Ich bin Expertin für Digital Responsibility und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagerin mit über zwanzig Jahren Erfahrung in Managementpositionen der Informations- und Kommunikationsbranche. Als Gründerin der Unternehmensberatung WiseWay unterstütze ich meine Kunden bei der digitalen Transformation mit Verantwortung für Mensch, Gesellschaft und Umwelt.

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