Are you concerned with sustainability topics and do you ask yourself every Christmas if Santa´s work is “really sustainable”?

Here is the answer! See the analysis and suggestion for improvement in Santa´s Sustainability Strategy

Some quotes:

“Business Impact of Santa to Climate Change: Potentially disastreous impact on Santa´s North Pole operations and increases risk on the 25th December delivery fulfillment process.”

“Beyond naughty and nice: The current system of ranking children according to whether they have been “Naughty” and “Nice” is too simplistic. [….] A more consistent application of behavior expectations is required […]”

“Santa will transform his operations and become a service-oriented business that enables communities to deliver joy and happiness to children throughout the whole year. “ With “net positive impact on global eco-systems and society.”

Do not miss this amusing work of SustainAbility – Just great!



Saskia Dörr

Ich bin Expertin für Digital Responsibility und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagerin mit über zwanzig Jahren Erfahrung in Managementpositionen der Informations- und Kommunikationsbranche. Als Gründerin der Unternehmensberatung WiseWay unterstütze ich meine Kunden bei der digitalen Transformation mit Verantwortung für Mensch, Gesellschaft und Umwelt.
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